Friday, March 5, 2010


Allah (SWT) is very merciful. Sometimes He forgives on very small good deeds.

1) Once a sinful woman was going on journey. She saw a thirsty dog sitting by a well. She tied her cloth to the shoe, took water from the well and gave it to the dog. Over this mercy, Allah (SWT) forgave her.

2) Once a cruel king of Balkh was going. He saw a sick dog on the way. He brought it home and looked after it. Allah (SWT) forgave him on this kind action.

3) There was a sinful person. He did many sins in life. Before death, he advised his sons to burn his body after death and spread the ash in air and in water. His sons did this. In Akhirah, Allah (SWT) called that man and asked, "Why did you do this?" He said," Due to my fear". Allah asked, Only for my fear: I have forgiven you. Go to Jannah.

4) On the day of judgement,there will be 2 sinful men. Allah (SWT) will order them to go to Jahannam. One will run fast to Jahannam. Second will walk slowly,looking backward. Allah (SWT) will call them back. Allah will ask the 1st man, why were you running. He will answer," I did not obey you in Duniya. Today I want to obey you quickly". Second will answer," I heard about your mercy and rahmah. Today I am looking towards your mercy". Allah (SWT) will say," You both go to Jannah".

5) One the day of judgement, one person will be lacking one good deed. Allah will say to him," Bring one good deed or go to Jahannam". He will go to his relatives and friends. Nobody will give him even one good deed. At last, he will find a person who will have only one good deed with him. He will say," I have only one good deed. I cannot go to Jannah. Please take my one good deed and you go to Jannah". Allah (SWT) will ask," Who gave you this one good deed". That person will be called. Allah (SWT) will say," You did mercy today, I do my mercy, You both go to Jannah".

6) One cruel man killed 99 persons. He went to a saint and ask," Can Allah forgive me". Saint say," No". He killed that saint also and completed the 100 murders. Then he went to another saint and ask," Can Allah forgive me". The saint said," Yes,why not. Allah is very merciful". Tha saint advised him to go to a village where pious people lived. He walked and died on the way. At this, Allah forgave him and angels took him to Jannah.


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amazing! wow

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may allahs mercy shower on the whole ummah. and forgives us all. ameen.

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Masha Allah