Sunday, November 23, 2014

Halal Confusion!?!?


As all of us are aware ( I hope so ), there have been a lot of confusion and allegation on certain products and food outlets regarding their halal status for the past years. Once the allegations are out, of course it will take a while for us to believe and consume those products. Some are true and some are just propagation from competitors to promote their products. Here are some of the list.


    Many of us must have gotten really worried when there was news that all the coffee,chocolate and vanilla drinks contain something originated from pork. And the tiramisu and raspberry frap contains alcohol. Although the news was on 2009, it still lingers. But inshaAllah, i really hope JAKIM plays a fair and good role in this. All the premises and menus are on their halal directory, with up-to-date expiration date of the licence. You can check here: JAKIM HALAL DIRECTORY


     It comes in many flavors. Packed in small boxes with 10 sticks in one. But this product does not have any indication that it is halal from their country: Korea or from JAKIM. There was question all around and JAKIM have also replied that the company LOTTE does not have any halal certificate from JAKIM. So how?? A ex-student from Korea and wife to a tv host, Farah Lee, have come with explanation regarding this. They contacted the company and confirmed that all the products are plant based (emulsifier and lecithin). They claim to even have recorded the conversation. So, InsyaAllah, it can be consumed but those who are not certain about it, do not consume (when it comes to syubhah, avoiding it is the best option). This is the link: Lotte Pepero Halal Status . It is just that it will be a lot more clearer and confiding if JAKIM themselves come out with this statement.


    This was really shocking. Who in Malaysia have never consume this??!! And after the allegation, the next day, JAKIM even pull down the halal certificate for hazelnut and almond flavors. It was very worrisome  as we even have gave it as gifts to friends and families. Alhamdulillah, it turns out that all are just allegations. I realize something at that time. Tango product which have the same purple color and almost all the same flavors was making  money at that time because of their Halal status. Wallahualam. To create fitnah is a big sin, bear in mind please. Only Allah knows. So, you can happily consume the Cadbury chocolates now. InshaAllah. JAKIM HALAL DIRECTORY


    This a bit different situation. First it is said to support Israel in the war against Palestin. I do not know anything about this. I simply supported the boycotts of course. If it is true,than the boycott is not a waste after all. But there are people digging evidence that McDonald's is a public listed company,therefore is not against any country or contributing to anyone. It is just that they pay the tax to Israel for the premise in Israel land. Like they do in all the countries they are. Have a look: McD defence .
    But otherwise, it is listed in JAKIM halal directory,but there are only 9 products listed (till Nov 22 2014) but all the premises have the certificate. It is really confusing. Sometimes, we are just so desperate for fast food and does not have any choice. Or there maybe choice, but just not ours. When things like this happen, its frustrating. Follow your iman. If you think it is okay, then go on. If not, don't. But most premises in Malaysia are well aware of halal status regarding their meats mainly. So, if there was something wrong, it will surely show up.

5) KFC

    KFC's issue is that the chicken that was slaughtered was not according to Syariah law. They hang it upside down(which was said to torture the chickens). The one slaughtering, do they say Bismillah? All this we can't see with our eyes. That is why there is Islamic Organization to investigate and make sure all are clear. So, we have to depend on them for now. The directory stated all premises are HALAL..some just did not update or renew their certificate like 6 days..maybe still not updated. So, enjoy the chicken..inshaAllah.

If there are any information out there, please let me know. I'll update.

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