Saturday, July 9, 2011

Information on Malaysia's Halal Food...

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters,

  Although Malaysia is considered an Islamic country,most of the food producing company are managed by non-muslims. Even though they follow the rules and regulations in producing the foods concerning muslim consumers, they have no clear idea on what are haram and what are halal for us. Maybe for them, pork and all that related to it are haram for us muslims. But there are more than pork that  concerns us. For example,the slaughtering of chicken,cow,goat and ext. There are many rules that must be followed so that their meats are halal for us to consume. Concerning this problems,i have done some research on Malaysia's product and some other that are certified halal and insya-Allah this will be true. May Allah be with us.

  To make my research easier, JAKIM itself have website that lists all the products, company, food premise, menu and even slaughter house that is certified HALAL and the expiry dates. Here is the link.

Click the 'pengguna' link and you will be directed to search engine ('mulakan carian') on what product or company that you wish to check. This website is in bahasa malaysia. I really hope that they have one in english version so that muslim foreigners can also have their look here. Insya-Allah. Thanks to Allah they build up this website. It clears off many misunderstandings. Some imported products may be not halal in the foreign country, but when it enters malaysia's manufacturing, our people here have it under observation for HALAL. For example, Pizza Hut. In foreign country, it uses pork and bacon (they are the same anyway) for their menu. But in Malaysia, we use chicken and beef. So,this misunderstandings can be cleared by checking its HALAL certificate.

Alhamdulillah. :)