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Conquest of Constantinople
The great war between the Christians and Muslims will result in the Muslims conquering Constantinople (which is modern day Istanbul) without army by the sheer force of Takbeer (Allahu Akbar). 
Abu Hurairah reports that the Prophet SAW said, ''Have you heard of a town of which a part is in the sea?'' 
''Yes'' said they. He said: 'The last hour shall not occur till 70,000 of the children of Isaac shall attack it. When they come to it, they (Muslims) will not fight with arms, nor throw arrows. They will only say: There is no god but Allah, Allah is the greatest, and then on of its sides will fall down. They will recite for the second time : there is no god but Allah, Allah is the greatest, and then another of its side will fall down. After that they will say it for the third time: there is no god but Allah and Allah is the greatest, and then it will be opened for them and they will enter and acquire booty. While they will be dividing the booty, a proclaimer will come to them and proclaim: 'Verily Dajjal has come out. 'Then they will leave everything and return. '  (Muslim)
It should be noted that the conquests will take place a very short period. Abdullah-b-Busr has reported that the Messenger of Allah SWT has said: 'Between the Great War and the conquest of the city (Constantinople) there will be six years, and the Dajjal shall appear in the seventh year,'  (abided) 
Blessings at the time of Imam Mahdi
Once again the Quran and Sunnah will govern the people, this time by the rightly guided Khalifh, Imam Mahdi. Islam will gain an upper hand and will be firmly established in the land. The oppression, tyranny, and darkness that prevailed all over the globe will be replaced with justice, peace and equity. The smile, which was long forgotten, will be restored on the Muslim faces and the inhabitants of the Heaven and Earth will be pleased with him. Everybody will be happy to the extent that even birds an wild animals will rejoice in his rule. Heaven will end rain profusely, livestock will be in abundance, land will become fertile, the earth will become green and sprout with abundant fruit ad vegetation. 
                (The above content has been taken from various hadith, which can be found in Abu-Daud and from the hadith narrated by Abu-Saeed al-Khudri in Musnad Ahmad.)
Due to the booty gained from the various conquest everyone will have so much wealth that an eyebrow will not even be raised at somebody else's wealth. Callers will proclaim in the street, ''Is anybody in need of anything?'' Nobody will respond except one person. In the latter part of Abu-Saeed al-Khudri's hadith it is mentioned ''A caller will call 'Who is in need of wealth?' Only one person will stand (and response to the call and say I am in need of wealth) he will be told to go to the treasurer and tell him that the Mahdi orders you to give some wealth. 'Gather and take it', he will be told. (He will begin to put it in his lap, when he realized that nobody else has come and he was the only one) he will regret it and say 'I was the greediest from among the Ummah of Muhammed SAW. The narrator says, he will return it but it will not be accepted and it will be said to him that we do not accept what we have given.   (Ahmad)
Abu-Saeed al-Khudri has also reported that the Prophet SAW said regarding Mahdi; that a man will come to him and say, 'Give me, give me'. Then he will spread his cloth and put in it as much as he can carry. 
His Reign as a Khalifah
There are different narration's regarding his reign as a Khalifh. Some traditions indicate that is reign will be seven years like the hadith of Umme Salama in Abu-Daud, ''He will remain seven years, then die, and Muslims will pray over him. '' (Abu-Daud) 
Other traditions indicate that his reign will last seven, eight or nine years like the Hadith of Abu Saeed in Mustadrak.
            Due to different traditions the period of Imaam Mahdi's reign is disputed. Many Scholars have taken seven years to be the period of his reign due to the fact that the Ahadith which indicate seven years are the most authentic. Other Scholars like Shah Rafiud-din, after careful analysis have concluded that the first seven years if his reign will pass without worry, he will spend the eight preparing to fight the Dajjal and spend the ninth with Prophet Isa (Jesus) AS. He will thereafter die, Prophet Jesus AS will read his funeral prayer and bury him. 

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