Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Names of prophets in Arabic and English..

We, Malaysians, who usually learn the name of our prophets in Arabic, gets confuse when in some books it is written in English (Bible term). Here is some information that I get from tafseer and other website about the name in Arabic and what the English term means.

Adam (a.s) = Adam
Idris (a.s) = Enoch
Nuh (a.s) = Noah
Hud (a.s) = Hud
Saleh (a.s) = Saleh
Ibrahim (a.s) = Abraham
Lut (a.s) = Lot
Ismail (a.s) = Ishmael
Ishaq (a.s) = Isaac
Yaqub (a.s) = Jacob
Yusuf (a.s) = Joseph
Ayub (a.s) = Job
Shuaib (a.s) = Jethro
Musa (a.s) = Moses
Harun (a.s) = Aaron
Zulkifli (a.s) = Ezekiel
Daud (a.s) = David
Sulaiman (a.s) = Solomon
Ilyas (a.s) = Elijah
Ilyasa (a.s) = Elisha
Yunus (a.s) = Jonah
Zakaria (a.s) = Zechariah
Yahya (a.s) = John
Isa (a.s) = Jesus
Muhammad (s.a.w) = Muhammad

This is a nasheed video(Raihan) of 25 prophets in Islam.

This video helps to memorize the names of prophets. HAPPY WATCHING AND LEARNING :)

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